First appearance

132 TS1> Onwards I say! [PROMPT]


Storage Administrator



Current Breed


Previous Breeds


Current Sex

2x Female

Internal Gender

Not Specified

SA-A is one of the facility's Storage Administrators. Her main body colour is a dull blue, with large markings that have a warm blue colour. She wears a shoulder-length two-colour purple wig, as well as a black v-neck top.

She is shown to speak excessively loudly, as well as with a strange accent that is described as difficult to understand. However, this may be a result of the fact that she is deaf and cannot judge her own voice.

Her and SA-B seem to have a somewhat tenuous working relationship; possibly because she seems to leave SA-B little room to speak himself, as well as her accented and very loud speech.

SA-A is seen wearing a Glove Device.


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